On Saturday night my friends and I chose this location for a friendly dinner. The place was crowded because it was weekend.

To start our meal we ordered some bruschetta with little tomatoes square diced, rocket and a mousse of ricotta on top served with vinegar. I liked the presentation but I personally think that the vinegar sauce ruined the balance of the ingredients.

Bruschetta. Photo Credit:

Vasiniko’s restaurant puts down his roots in the Neapolitan cuisine. It is known for its pizza available in different flavours, from the ordinary to the special ones. One of my friends opted for swordfish while we wanted to try something different. We got “Stella”, a stuffed pizza with 4 different flavours:provola and eggplants, ham and mozzarella, pepperoni and ricotta, zucchini and provola.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much flavor was packed into each different side of the pizza.  From the creamy cheeses, to the savory pepperoni, I picked a good one.


What’s the result? A crust that is chewy and crispy at the same time. The pizza is served with fresh ripe tomatoes and rocket. I liked it!

Although, let’s admit it, margherita pizza  is always the best choice, call me traditional.


On the other side the service was not the best. I had to ask the waiter to change my glass because it was dirty and they got me a new one. The pizza arrived after 20-25 minutes and my friend had already finished his plate by that time.

Overall, I’ve been to Vasiniko in different occasions. The pizza&appetizers are my favourite. I advise you to reserve a table and if you want to eat quietly, be aware of the weekends.

I’m giving Vasiniko 4 hearts out of 5!


Piazza Pontida, 13
Tel. +39 035 243907

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  1. Becca Lou says:

    The ‘Stella’ pizza look fantastic! I’ll have to try one when I visit the area in a few months. Your blog is proving a great guide book so thank you! Becca Lou X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was good. If you don’t want to stick to traditional pizza, that is a good one! Thank you, I appreciate that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ghadeer551 says:

    Yes, the pizza is so many kinds but I personally love the vegetarian pizza, margarita pizza !
    thank you .

    Liked by 1 person

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