Thought Landscape

If you have an interest or passion about photography this post is for you!


Last week I went to Astino Monastery for a photo exhibition by Luigi Ghirri entitled Thought Landscape, Pensiero Paesaggio.

The research of Luigi Ghirri is a continuum “think for images”, a light and deep philosophical reflection traslated into pictures. Ghirri’s landscape is not normally perceived, although it is supposed to be hidden: landscape of memory and fairy tail,  landscape of hidden figures and prodiges. A scenery of interior houses, work places but also external landscape, of countryside and city, of massive urban architecture.

The foundamental idea behind Ghirri’s work is the effective projection: the look as the meeting with things, towards it’s aimed our intimate tendency. This is the meaning how to interpret the idea of Thought Landscape. Every picture taken by the photographer is pure documentation.

There were more than 40 shots at the photo exhibition but I personally liked the pictures below. The author was able to give dignity to things belonging to the everyday, he gave value to irrelevance, showing its hidden beauty.

Modena, 1974. Series Pleasure Iscald and Series Landscapes of cartoons.  C-print, cm 20×25
Luzern, 1971. From the Series “Kodachrome”                              Vintage print 30.5×20
Tures’s shore, 1977. From the Series “Kodachrome”                           C-print 23.5×29

I hope you liked the post. See you to the next one!


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