Running to the top

Reaching the top, as I call, the highest part of Bergamo, Città Alta, is not an easy task because it’s all about hills.

Where’s the good part in all of this you’ll start thinking? You can really feel another atsmosphere around here, it’s about history&architecture, beautiful views and classical italian little streets with cobblestone.

View from Città Alta
Lovely street in Città Alta

I like the older part of the town because I can run along the walls and look at the view.


I don’t mind running on hills, is always a good workout; it’s like running the stairs ( but better) because you can combine cardio and strength conditioning to benefit your running performance. How so? You use the same muscles as squats and lunges, but also has added cardio.

I like challenging myself, trying to speed up when the street gets steeper. You can find that adrenaline that push you forward and make you reach the top! I usually take a moment to cool down, relax and appretiate the landscape before getting back on track.


What about you? Do you like running outside?

Hope you liked the post and see you to the next one!


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