Make it Count

Chicago is a fantastic city to visit. I had only 24 hours and I wanted to make the most of it. I spent a really nice weekend with my girlfriend here.

There is something undeniably attractive about the city. Maybe it’s the energy of the people around me or the culture of the city. It’s pretty different from Italy for sure. In USA, in general, everything is so big; it can be good or bad depending on your personal opinion.

The people here are friendly. I really appreciated the help of the woman who helped us at the train station; we were wondering where to go, just arrived, and she told us the way without us asking her.

We walked around downtown to explore some sights of the city. Chicago’s architecture definitely impressed me with its nicely decorated skyscrapers.


We ended up spending the evening on a nice walk along the river. We really enjoyed the sunset.

Talking about Chicago’s skyline, I have to say that it was definitely impressive at night.


The attraction of the day was the famous “bean”, officially known as the Cloud Gate. This big sculpture in the Millennium Park attracts tons of tourists every year.


I couldn’t leave Chicago without having a taste of some of its famous authentic deep-dish pizza. We had dinner at Giordano’s.

I feel like even though 24 hours wasn’t nearly enough time to explore Chicago properly, it was more than enough to give me a taste of the city.


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  1. This makes me miss Chicago so much! Love it there!

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    1. I had a good time there!

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