Fun Weekend

During this month I had a really fun weekend in Carbondale. I know, you’ve probably never heard about it, but let me tell you something regarding this town in the Southern Illinois and how I spent my time here.

As soon as I came to Carbondale, my gf and I met with her friends and mum for lunch. We ate at this Italian restaurant called Cummare’s. The owner is Italian, from Sicily. I had the pleasure to have a chat with him, he asked me if I wanted to try something “Italian” because here, in the USA, most of the restaurants are American-Italian. I got pasta with ham and cheese, it was good but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too hungry!

Moving on,  we rest at home before enjoying our nice day out. I kept playing with Victoria, my gf’s cat. She has big blue eyes, a raccoon tail  and she meows all the time, I love her.


In the afternoon we went out for pie. Rule of Pie is a little boutique cake shop where the magic happens. They serve scratch made food and locally roasted coffee but it’s well known in town for their pies.

“All I can see is pie”  Quote.
Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake

I had a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake served with whipped cream and it was delicious! It was not too sweet which I liked even more. I wish I had another slice now!

I went to a local farm market where you could find fresh fruit and vegetables, wood handcraft souvenirs, homemade infusions, tea and more.

local farm market

During this weekend, I played boomerang for the first time!


It looks easy to throw it but it is NOT. It gets even more difficult if you’re left handed like me. After failing pretty bad at boomerang I had a better experience with football.


On Sunday before leaving, I had biscuits and gravy made by my gf’s mum. It’s a popular breakfast dish in the South.

biscuits and gravy

It was my first time trying this breakfast. I liked the sauce that was a little spicy.
Biscuits and gravy is not a meal you should make all the time, but as a treat every once in a while. People eat it on holiday or for a special occasion. Thanks again to the chef for making it!

Before leaving Carbondale we ate lunch at Alongi’s, another Italian restaurant. We seated outside in the courtyard. It was a sunny day so it was perfect. The decoration of the inside&outside of the restaurant is very pretty. When you walk in, you can look at the pictures taken by the owner’s wife during their many trips to Italy. I had mozzarella fried sticks as starter and tortellini with marina sauce.

In conclusion, it was an amazing weekend. I had so much fun, meeting people, trying good food, playing new sports, tasting good wine at a local winery with friends and lots more.

Hope you liked the post and see you to the next one!


1023 Chestnut St. Murphysboro

Rule of Pie
1308 Walnut St. Murphysboro
IL 62966

18 W. Main Street
DuQuoin, llinois

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