Calafuria Unione

Last week I went to eat lunch with my friend @andrea and his cousin at Calafuria Unione.

The restaurant is located in a quiet street closed to the Duomo; it is one of the historic restaurants in Milan, born in 1903 as a restaurant- hotel.
The interior is old fashioned: red walls, wood tables and tiny chairs make the restaurant welcoming and relaxing.

During this time of the year it was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights on the walls and the ceilings.


The menu focuses on the specialities from the Tuscany and Lombardy cuisine. Whether you prefer meat or fish specialities, the only problem will be choosing and, if you are undecided, you can be sure of receiving a good suggestion. There’s a good selection of pizza as well.


Not even on purpose, all of us chose the pasta with clams. After not so long, the waitress arrived with the first two plates and then the last one. She split the sauce out of plate which went all over her arm and on the ground. Apart from the little inconvenience, the seafood was fresh but the pasta sauce was severely lacking in flavor.


Overall, we had a relaxing experience, especially since the restaurant wasn’t too crowded for lunch. The servise was not the best and I found the pasta average. it’s close to the Duomo and the other main attractions but the internal location, personally, didn’t give me any chills.

I’m giving Calafuria Unione 3.5 hearts out of 5!


Calafuria Unione
Calafuria Unione Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Via dell’Unione, 8
20122 Milano


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  1. Lady G says:

    Oh my! That looks delicious! Wow! I’ve got to make my way to Italy somehow! 🙂

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    1. You should, you’ll find out food is heaven aha

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      1. Lady G says:


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  2. ghadeer551 says:

    I loved the restaurant decor and lighting too .

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