La Dispensa di Arlecchino

Tradition and local food are the two key points of La Dispensa di Arlecchino, a restaurant in the heart of Bergamo old town.

La Dispensa di Arlecchino’s menu is influenced by the traditional ingredients and flavors of Bergamo, and the restaurant gets its name from Harlequin (Arlecchino, in Italian), a famous old mask and character from Bergamo knew for wearing a bizzare and colorful costume.

The restaurant is a mixture of modern and ancient and the cealing revokes Harlequin’s colorful clothes. It is located in the main thoroughfare of the old town near Piazza Vecchia, the famous square in Città Alta.

table ground floor

I’d been to La Dispensa di Arlecchino for an aperitivo (happy hour) in the past, but never for dinner. My girlfriend and I stopped in on a weeknight.

I ordered a class of white wine and my girfriend got a “Cinderalla”, a soft drink made of pineapple, orange and lemon juice. They have a good selection of wine but also a lengthy list of house and classic cocktails, as well as draft and bottled beers.

Mùller Thurgau and Cinderalla

Our starters included a selection of cold cuts and local cheese combined with walnuts and honey. We tried goat cheese, branzi and taleggio. My favourite was branzi, a cheese produced in the mountainous region of Valtaleggio, Lombardy. I liked the taste, an intense yellow paste.

For our second starter we had polenta with truffle scent served in a hot porridge. It was slightly creamy but really savoury.



For our main course we had mushroom risotto served with blueberryies in the center.


The risotto was delicious and I really appretiated the bluberries. The quantity was not too much to alterate the texture of the risotto.

house dessert

I was intrigued by the dessert menu option called House Speciality. La Dispensa di Arlecchino’s version featured a slice of chocolate cake, lemon pie topped with cocoa pouder fork shape and whipped cream served with cherry syrup on top. The chocolate cake was plain with sugar pouder on it to make it sweeter. It was simple and I liked that but too buttery.

My overall opinion of the dinner menu items I tried is that portions are generous and well prepared. Service can be improved and the wine list is well chosen.

Note: my meal at La Dispensa di Arlecchino was complimentary; however all opinions expressed are my own.

La Dispensa di Arlecchino
Via Gombito 9
24129 Bergamo

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  1. ghadeer551 says:

    Look porridge of corn flour delicious
    I will looking for its components
    I do not enjoy my day if I do not see your blog
    thank you .

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re reading and enjoying my blog. I post every week more or less 😊

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