Trattoria D’Ambrosio – da Giuliana

Trattoria D’Ambrosio or let’s just called it Da Giuliana, the owner’s name, is a must check in Bergamo, it doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or dinner.

It’s a meeting place where you’re not coming for gourmet food but for finding a place with solid tradition and surrealistic elegance. The restaurant inside has so many objects, it’s like being in a museum! I took my girlfriend here to let her taste some italian food before she went back home to the USA. We came here for lunch and it was quite crowded. Luckily though, after a couple of minutes we found a seat.

The menu at lunch has different options: antipasti, primi and secondi. Lunch is popular for a good reason, the business lunch costs 10€ and the food is good. Waiters are all dressed with a white polo and a black apron, they give you the menu and here’s something you wouldn’t expect: menu is hand written and followed with a piece of paper where you have to write what you want to order. It reflects the restaurant’s image, a place where tradition is also in the service.

My girlfriend ordered casoncelli (or casonsèi as they are called in the local dialect), the popular dish in Bergamo. Casoncelli are a kind of stuffed pasta served with a butter and sage sauce and sautéed Italian Speck (or Pancetta).


On the other side, I ordered lasagne. Yes I know, I’m so Italian but what can I do about it? I love them! That day  I had one of the best lasagne: so, so GOOD!


Moving on, it’s time for the second order. My girlfriend got burrata, which it’s mozzarella that’s formed into a pouch and then filled with soft, stringy curd and cream. If you like creamy cheese, that’s a good one.


I got this little terrine with ham and scamorza cheese rolls. Scamorza has a mild smoky flavour, which is something I really enjoy and it gets along with the baked ham, perfetto!

ham and scamorza rolls

The menu from “Da Giuliana” is well variegated to propose different alternatives from Bergamo cuisine, simple but nustritious, focused on polenta, casoncelli or ravioli with ricotta and trevisana and so much more.

To sum up , when you enter in this restaurant, you are welcomed by the smile of the owner, a very smart and elegant woman at the counter. The area is amazing: wood upon your head, nice old fashion floor in black and white down at your feet, dishes on the wall, small things from vintage stores and bric-a-brac style. Food is good and has lot of tration in it. “Da Giuliana” is one of those restaurants I advise to people visiting Bergamo but also to locals, such a good place to eat!

I’m giving Trattoria D’Ambrosio – da Giuliana 5 hearts out of 5!


Trattoria D’ambrosio – Da Giuliana
Facebook Link
Via Broseta, 58
24128 Bergamo BG

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  1. ghadeer551 says:

    Yum Yum .. Lasagna looks very delicious
    Thanks .

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    1. It was so good!! 😍

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