Happy Birthday We Run Bergamo

Photo Credit: Luca Foresti Photography

“We Run Bergamo” is the motto given by a group of people with a passion for sports to a series of trainings which they consist of 10 km running between the beautiful streets of Bergamo.

I remember one of the first events I joined in Febraury 2016 when all of this started and on Friday, Febrary 17th 2017, after one year I took part in a special event: Happy Birthday We Run Bergamo!

Photo Credit: Luca Foresti Photography.

We Run Bergamo turns a year already and it does it by giving air balloons to every partecipant. So many colours: red, blu, yellow are just a few! They were blown with helium so each runner had to figure it out how tie them.


The training starts from Bergamo train station with some warm up. Usually ran by the organisers, this time the real protagonists were the participants! Some of them gave instructions to how perform the excercises correctly. To make everything better, music is in the background! It’s always nice running with music, especially in the evening! During the 10 km running there are 5 stages where you stop in order to take a break and for whose who wants, there’s the opportunity to do some body weight: squats, push ups and much more.

The Italian Guest running

Photo Credit: Luca Foresti Photography

During the run you get to see some of the main Bergamo streets and of course Città Alta, the highest part of Bergamo. Running at night can be really fascinating: lights give another type of atmosphere you don’t get to see on a daily light.

Free training with music and fitness, this is the official definition, but for whose who are not in shape, don’t worry! You can decide how fast and how long you will run or take some shortcuts to make everything easier! The manifestation is open to everybody, it’s always on Wednesday night at 9 pm but you should check their facebook page for more info. We Run Bergamo is not just a sport, it’s also socialisation: you meet people, have fun and make new friendships! Check it out and don’t miss the next run with them!

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  1. ghadeer551 says:

    Jogging is really nice fun ..
    thank you.

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