Through my eyes: Hollywood

In case you missed it, last week on the blog I shared a Santa Monica city guide. And today, I’m here to share some of my favorite spots my girlfriend @ninamclernon and I check out in Hollywood. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

  • Griffith Observatory & The Hollywood sign

Griffith Observatory sits on the edge of a hill that overlooks Los Angeles, and the rooftop and telescopes enable you to see the entire city, including the skyscrapers downtown, the Santa Monica mountains, the world-famous Hollywood sign, and more. You also have an incredible, panoramic view of all the sprawling neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles. Not only are the views breathtaking, but the architecture of the building is beautiful too! The interior and exterior designs are really unique, and because the Griffith Observatory was built in the 1930’s, the building’s art-deco style is extremely prevalent and easy to recognize.

griffin observatory
Griffith Observatory
senza titolo-9
The Holliwood Sign
senza titolo-12
Los Angeles

View from Griffith Observatory. From it you can see the Los Angeles Basin, including Downtown Los Angeles to the southeast, Hollywood to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest.

  • The Holliwood Walk of Fame

According to Business Insider, the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is the number one most visited landmark in the United States. I’m not surprised, the Holliwood Walk of Fame is famous all over the world.

If you’re in the area, I advise you to grab a burger at In-N-Out Burger Hollywood

senza titolo-8

Once in a lifetime you need to walk through it! I’m sure you all know what it is but in case you don’t, it ‘s a paved sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard on which are arranged the stars dedicated to famous people related to the world of cinema, music etc. It is next to the former Kodak Theater (now Dolby Theater) in which takes place the ceremony of Oscar awarding prizes .
Here you will also find the famous Chinese Theatre with the footprints of the stars imprinted on the pavement. I was so happy when I saw there were prints from Harry Potter!! Find out I have the same foot size as Daniel Radcliffe 😀



  • The Grove & The Original Farmers Market

The Grove and The Original Farmers Market are located next to each other and provide one of LA’s most popular shopping destinations.

The Grove is a laid-back out-door shopping mall, and the layout is like a small village with shops, a really nice fountain and restaurants in all the low-rise buildings. Most high-street brands are represented here, and the range of shops at The Grove is not particularly different from what you will find in other malls in the city, but the cozy settings and the nearby Farmers Market makes The Grove worth a visit.

In case you’re a sweet lover and you’re here, check out this place: Ladurée Los Angeles

senza titolo
The Grove
senza titolo-2
The Grove

Though the Farmers Market and The Grove are, in fact, two separate entities, they have a strong synergy due to their geographic proximity to one other. Their adjacent locations make it all too easy to navigate both sites within a single visit. On any given day, there is a constant stream of visitors strolling to and from the two attractions. An electric trolley is even on-site to shuttle the less mobile between the Grove and the Farmers Market.

senza titolo-3
The Grove – view from the top

The adjacent Farmers Market is a plethora of food stalls and eateries, and no matter which cuisine you are craving, you will most likely find it here. Some stall sells fresh produce (often local) and others sell ethnic food products from all over the world, and Farmers Market is popular among foodies.

The Original Farmers Market. Photo Credit:
  • Paul Smith Pink Wall
senza titolo-6
Pink Wall – Address:  8221, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a ton of cool wall art. From Venice to Hollywood, there are endless, ever-changing murals and artistic graffiti to catch the eye. Melrose Blvd. in West Hollywood, a popular destination for shopping and foodie delights, is a particularly saturated street and the Instagram-worthiness of its wall art is apparent by the large number of tourists and bloggers you’ll find snapping pics there on a daily basis.

senza titolo-5

Instead of taking a picture at the Pink wall like all the other people there, we chose the blue wall in Venice Beach! Who knows, maybe it’s gonna be a new trend?!

senza titolo-2
Blue Wall in Venice Beach
senza titolo-3
Blue Wall in Venice Beach

I really love wall paintings and street art! So if you are social media addicted as well, go out and document your little adventure in front of one of these colorful and typical walls of amazing Los Angeles!

If you end up visiting the blue wall in Venice, we want to see it! Be sure to tag @theitalianguest or @ninamclernon on Instagram 😉

I hope you like the post and see you to the next one!!


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  1. ghadeer551 says:

    Wow Wow !!!
    actually I don’t know what to say
    This post is more than wonderful
    As usual I enjoyed it alot
    Thank you so so much .

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked it!! 😄

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  2. We went to the LA Farmers Market this week for the first time and loved it. Nonna’s Empanadas is so tasty and they have crazy flavors like chicken alfredo and macaroni and cheese:

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