Through my eyes: Malibu

It’s true what they say that you spend a lot of time in the car in LA! My girlfriend @ninamclernon and I decided to rent a car with and drive from Venice Beach to Malibu passing through the Pacific Coast Highway, well known as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Such a beautiful road full of stunning coastal views and seaside villages!

pacific highway
Pacific Coast Highway
malibu view
Pacific Coast Highway view

We spent an entire day going from one beach to another, checking out some of the best ones in Malibu and get some tan! We were looking forward to a day of relaxation. At lunch we stopped at Neptune’s Net to enjoy some good seafood.

malibu beach 3

The beaches in and around Malibu are stunning and so are the homes. Beaches here are a lot less crowded than the Santa Monica area too.  I advise you to bring a book, work on your tan or try surfing some good waves!

  • Carbon Beach
carbon beach 1
Carbon Beach

Carbon Beach is often called “Billionaires Beach” because of the expensive and impressive houses around here just standing outside a few feet from the beach.

This beach is ideal for any beachgoer, it has a nice dry patch of sand, really wide and with a easy access. It was our first one we check out. We didn’t really spent too much time on it and we moved on to the next one. If you’re into architecture or just like to daydream about having a beachfront property, this is a great place for you.

carbon beach 2
Carbon Beach

To get here, look for the coastal access signs just south of Malibu Pier and Nobu.

  • Zuma Beach

zuma beach

Zuma Beach was our next one and We spent a good couple of hours. It has a wide open clean sand, mild waves, plentiful parking, life-guards and bathrooms. It’s a popular destinations for tourists and local people. It’s a good beach for beginner surfers.

  • Point Dume Beach

,alibu beach 5

Point Dume has over one mile of ocean frontage with 34 acres of sand. It is surrounded by headlands, cliffs, rocky coves, and vast beach access.

  • Leo Carrillo Beach

It was probably our favourite beach for its natural beauty and landscape. I just wished we could have stayed longer to watch the sunset!

It’s a wide family-friendly and dog friendly beach in western Malibu. The combination of sand, cobblestones, and rocky outcroppings make this a beautiful beach. There are caves to explore, tide pools with a few critters that have escaped frequent visitor picking, and surf fishing. A few reefs just off the beach create some decent surfing and body surfing conditions when the swell is from the right direction.

malibu beach 2

yellow flower

malibu green

malibu beach 6

You should pick this beach if you want something relaxing, like surfing or taking stunning pictures.

Close by there was another beach I don’t remember the name of it, so many beaches that day! 😄 It was really relaxing as well.

malibu beach 4

selfie malibu
My girlfriend and I

We had a great time in Malibu, it was our favourite part of the holiday. We got tanned, had fun driving along the Pacific Coast Highway moving from one beach to another and took lots of pictures.

Last but not least, we drove to a small ice cream shop in Tarzana, California called Wanderlust Creamery.  This shop is really particular and we came here thanks to our friend’s advice @shannon_cynthia. Their flavors incorporate aspects of the places the owner and co-owner have visited. Popular and common ingredients from various cities are mixed in each batch and served with the hope that wanderlust and inspiration will come through with every scoop.



Picking a flavor was just as hard as picking a place to vacation. In the end we did it, my girlfriend got Smoky Road (Pacific Northwest, USA) made with chocolate, marshmallow swirl, burnt almond and Alderwood smoked sea salt. Paring up with my girlfriend chocolate’s flavor I got Kinder Bueno ( Europe) made with Gianduja freckle, Valrhona “Caramelia Pearls”and Hazelnut praline. It’s safe to expect a bit of a sugar high as you take in these scoops, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Wanderlust Creamery Tarzana
8511 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. What a beautiful place! Amazing!

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  2. Beautiful pix! How does it compare to the Amalfi coast in Italy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! They are completely different. I’ve been different times to Amalfi when I was little. Malibu has a more laid back atmosphere and you see lots of people surfing, lots of beaches, almost all of them are free and wide.


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