Misushi Restaurant

If you’re looking for a new sushi destination to throw into your repertoire, consider checking out Misushi Restaurant located in Navigli area in Milan.

I went to this AYCE with friends on a tuesday night, we didn’t reserver a table but the staff welcomed us without any problem. The inside of this japanese restaurant is not that big but neither small, black is the dominant colour and the light on the ceiling gives an extra design touch to the atmophere.

To ensure we sampled as much as possible, we decided the best course of action was to split a little bit of everything. Misushi’s menu is large and is comprised of snacks, cold and hot starters, sushi, coal-cooked skewers, meats and seafood, and rice and noodles.

We started off with a tartara salmon each. I liked the sauce in it and the simple but effective presentation.

misushi restaurant 2
tartara salmon

After the tartara, we shared the dragon rool uramaki with fried shrimp, salmon and sweet soy dressing on top. This was one of my friend’s favorite course of the night and I’d recommend this roll to anyone!

dragon roll uramaki

We decided to keep going ordering another dragon rool and and two random rolls from the menu to fill our hunger 😀


Moving on, we had nido rolls uramaki with fried rice and tuna, salmon & on a filling of tempura crunch on top. The tempura gave the rolls a nice crunch, they were not my favourite because fried food is really hard to digest especially if you use too much oil but it’s a personal opinion.

nido roll uramki

A trip to Misushi is not complete without sampling some of the fresh sushi they are known for. We splurged on the sushi omakase or chef’s selection of sushi. It was a little difficult to share each piece and admittedly we butchered them with our chopsticks but this was one of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Fresh and simple. No aiolis or sauces to cover up the pure beauty of each piece of fish. From salmon and seabass, to tuna, each piece melted in our mouths.

platter of sashimi and gunkan

The plate of sashimi included salmon, tuna, seabass and gunkan, with the last acting as my favorite. I just love the simplicity of sliced fish.

🇺🇸 When that sushi craving hits! 😍🍣 So fresh, so good! 🍱The assorted plate of sashimi and gunkan was the best part of the dinner with @matteo_gionta @gioia_eli and @martolinac. If you want to read more about it, check out my blog for the full post! Link in my bio! 👆🏼 —————————————————-🇮🇹Quando ti prende quella voglia di sushi 😍🍣 Fresco e buono! Il piatto assortito a base di sashimi e gunkan è stata la parte migliore della cena con @matteo_gionta @gioia_eli and @martolinac. Se vuoi leggere di più, dai un'occhiata al mio blog! Link nella mio bio! 👆🏼 . . . . #sushi #milan #f52grams #eater #eatmunchies #eatingfortheinsta #todayfood #sashimi #eatthis #eeeeeats #feedfeed #igfood #feedyoursoul #italy #foodblogger #milano #seafood #seafoodlover #instafood #foodlover #buzzfeast #idreamofsushi #theitalianguest

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While we may have had some hits and misses during our dinner at Misushi, it was worth the risk we took with some menu items. I’d absolutely recommend trying some sushi and appetizers. The menu can be a little intimidating, so study up beforehand and arrive with an empty stomach!

I’m giving Misushi Restaurant 4.5 hearts out of 5 for their ambiance and phenomenal sushi.


Misushi Restaurant
Viale Col di Lana, 14
20136 Milano





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  1. ghadeer551 says:

    I don’t have anything to write but I can’t see your page without comment, I really enjoyed!but I never liked sushi and never thought about its experience.

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    1. It makes me really happy reading comment so feel free to post one whenever you want! Some people love sushi and some people are disgusted by looking at it because it’s raw fish. It’s definitely an experience and I advise anyone to try it at least one! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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