If you’re looking for a new sushi destination in Bergamo to throw into your repertoire, consider checking out Miyabi located in Via S. Francesco. The restaurant is not flashy, no sign outside or anything like that, but in the last few years it has becoming more and more popular through the word of mouth.

Entrance. Photo Credit: http://www.bergamopost.it

As soon you walk in, you get the impression you’re in a private house, a friend’s house. This is deliberately made to give clients confort and intimacy.

Kitchen is open, you can always take a look of what’s happening inside.

My friend and I stopped by for lunch to explore the expansive menu. The menu includes most of what you’d expect on a sushi restaurant menu including maki rolls, nigiri and sashimi, as well as some items you might not, including chirashi, dessert and special uramaki. The menu is large so I advise skimming it before arriving!
To ensure we sampled as much as possible, we decided the best course of action was to split a little bit of everything.

We started with a uramaki tuna avocado and philadelphia with baked salmon, philadelphia and teriyaki sauce on top.

miyabi 2miyabi 1

A trip to Miyabi is not complete without sampling some of the fresh sushi they are known for. We splurged on the sushi omakase or chef’s selection of sushi. It was a little difficult to share each piece and admittedly we butchered them with our chopsticks but this was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Ever. Fresh, clean, simple. Each piece melted in our mouths!

miyabi 3
Triplo Salmone
miyabi 4
Doppio Gambero

Miyabi has the feel of a neighborhood sushi spot, but that’s where the comparisons stop. If you’re looking for an upscale sushi option with high quality fish and inventive presentations, check it out! It’s a real hidden gem for sushi lovers!

I’m giving Miyabi 5 hearts out of 5 for their incomparable, phenomenal sushi and knowledgeable staff.


Via S. Francesco D’Assisi
5/B, Bergamo


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