The Magic Tree

Are you ready for Christmas? It is just around the corner, you can feel it in the air and on the streets with lights everywhere! Talking about lights, I went to the The Village of Cherry Hill in Columbia, Missouri in two different occasions to see The Magic Tree, not just any tree, but a all light up one! First time with @ninamclernon and her mum and a second time with my friends, Shannon and Chris.

The Magic tree is a work of art during this time of the season. The man in charge goes by Will Treelighter. He continues his tedious work each year because he loves the joy and imagination the tree ignites in its visitors.

Each year he keeps putting more and more lights up, doing more and more of the branchlets until he is lighting every branch of the tree. The tree is an ornamental (appropriately enough) cherry tree. It has over 46,000 lights on it and it takes, more or less, 68 hours to put it up.

I want to share with you some of the pictures I took. I hope you can find in those lights some of that magic I felt those nights. A simple tree can become a “senseless act of beauty”.

magic tree 1

magic tree 2

magic tree 4

magic tree 5

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Winter might be dark and cold, but the Magic Tree is covered branch-to-trunk in an array of bright, colorful lights!

What about you? Have you already put your Christmas lights out? 🎄✨

Hope you like the post and see you to the next one!


Located in the Village of Cherry Hill

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