Chocolate Heaven

Sweet or bitter, Milk or Dark, with fruit or alchool. Chocolate is a type of food among the most versatile in cooking, but above all, the most loved by young and old people.

Last weekend Milan hosted the third Italian edition of the The Salon du Chocolat, the word’s largest event dedicated to chocolate.

salon du chocolat 2018-2
Salon du Chocolat 2018

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salon du chocolat 2018-16

salon du chocolat 2018-15
Who said chocolate and fashion can’t go together?

For four days, the fashion capital of Italy became a magnificent space to discover the creations of some of the big names in chocolate and pastry, as well as young talents. Among them, Iginio Massari, Luigi Biasetto, Davide Comaschi and Alessandro Borghese.

My girlfriend and I had the opportunity to attend this event on Sunday, the last of the four day event. It was fun, instructive and yes, we also indulged in a lot of chocolate!

salon du chocolat 2018-3
@ninamclernon next to delicious chocolate

Cacao beans were everywhere in all states of development as a reminder where this luscious candy comes from…

salon du chocolat 2018-11
Bodrato, Italy
salon du chocolat 2018-9
La Pâtisserie des Rêves, France
salon du chocolat 2018
Shockino, Italy
salon du chocolat 2018-14
Montblanc Chocolates, France

The amount of available activities and events is dizzying, from a Pastry Show, Chocolate Bookshop with author signings, Chocolate sculpture exhibition, hands-on workshops for both adults and children, demonstrations and conferences.

salon du chocolat 2018-12

salon du chocolat 2018-4

Another major highlight of the Salon du Chocolat was the Chocolate Fashion Show! Famous chocolatiers and fashion designers paired up to make creations using real chocolate! Every piece was a dress – for obvious reasons, since chocolate pants wouldn’t end well on the runway. It’s amazing the ability and the attention to details between to every garment.

Photo Credit: Salon du Chocolat – Milano

Plenty of stalls were offering free samples of their goodies. If you’re not careful, you’ll walk out of there with a stomachache! It was interesting to see the stylistic differences among the various chocolate producers. Some were more colorful and artistic, others more basic and simple. They all had one thing in common, however – they were all delicious!!

salon du chocolat 2018-5
Amedei, Italy
salon du chocolat 2018-13
Loria Pasticerria Boutique, Milano

The Salon du Chocolat offers a unique and fun opportunity to try and learn more about chocolate from different makers, chocolatiers and growing countries. We taste chocolates from France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brasil, Italy, beans from Vietnam and so much more!

salon du chocolat 2018-6
taste of chocolate from Venezuela, Giamaica and Madacascar
salon du chocolat 2018-7
Montblanc Chocolates, France

Salon du Chocolat – Milan
Where: MiCo Lab; Piazzale Carlo Magno, Milan
When: from February 15th to February 18th

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