Myrrha – Floral Design

Today on The Italian Guest, I’m gonna talk about a “green oasis” in my hometown, Bergamo. I like to discover new places, especially those little ones where you might have past them few times but never stopped. I usually don’t buy flowers unless there’s a specific occasion.


On my girlfriend’s birthday I saw this floral shop and its particular logo, I got curious and opened the door…

As soon as you walk in, you are greated by Igor and Massimiliano, the two owners of Myrrha – Floral Design ( let’s not forget about Spartaco, their faithful dog! )



Orchids are one of my favourite flowers. I bought these purple ones for my girlfriend’s birthday, she loved them!

Behind the table is where magic happens; creations with different types of flowers

I have checked out Myrrha and I had the pleasure to ask some questions to its owners.

  • What’s the idea behind the name Myrrha?

The idea behind the name Myrrha was born from the myth of Myrrha, who was turned into a tree and from whom Adone was born. We were looking for a simple name to remember, but at the same time of great significance. We brought the name in our logo, in which the letter h is stylised with a feminine shape who becomes a tree.

  • What’s your favourite flower?

There are a lot…to many…on top of the list Dahlia, Tulips and Elleboro.

  • You don’t sell only flowers…

We don’t sell only flowers! We placed next to flowers and plants some home decor elements and many porjects to develop in the future in order to make our job more curious, learning every day something new.



  • What’s the thing that makes you happy in this job?

Our clients make us happy with their smiles, with their compliments. it makes us happy the fact that in this job, you don’t need to believe you’re at the “top”, there is always to discover, to research, to learn…every day!

Igor and Massimiliano

If you’re curious about this enchanting shop or you’re in Bergamo and want to make a present to your loved ones, check out some of their creations on their website!

Myrrha – Floral Design
Via S. Bernardino, 34/A, 24122 Bergamo

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