Bellavista, what a word, right? In Italian “Bella Vista” means “nice view” but on today’s post I won’t cover a beautiful landscape, no. Instead, I’ll present you an Italian wine!

Bellavista is the Italian wine brand founded in Franciacorta in 1977 by a businessman called Vittorio Morett, who decided to transform a small family-run winemaking activity
based on a few hectares of vineyards into a full-fledged winery.

Those original vineyards, of extraordinary quality, are located on the Bellavista hill, so named for its splendid position, which looks out over Lake Iseo and the entire Po valley, all the way to the foothills of the Alps. Looking to the future, Vittorio Moretti devoted special attention to the acquisition of new vineyards, which now comprise a total of 198 hectares in the “Franciacorta” wine production area.

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There’s a selection up to 13 types of wine. Each of them has their own characteristics. To name a few:
-Alma Bellavista Covèe Brut
-BellavistaBrut 2008
-Bellavista Satèen 2009
-BellavistaRose 2009
-Bellavista Pas Operè 2007

In this post, I will focus my attention to one in particular: Alma Bellavista Covèe Brut
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Franciacorta Brut DOCG “Gran Cuvée Alma” – Bellavista: Why I like it

Alma Cuvée is born to the skilful union of more or less 60 of the 120 selecetions of harvest obtained in the cellar. About 100 selections come from the same harvest and are identified with extreme care in 107 parcels distributed in 10 different municipalities of Franciacorta (“horizontal assembly”). To this wide range of olfactory and gustatory variations are added the aromas and flavors of particular “reserve wines” coming from different vintages (“vertical assembly”). A unique cuvée, which with elegant complexity represents the most complete and often mysterious soul of Franciacorta.

Tasting Notes

Straw yellow with greenish reflections. The perlage is fine and continuous, with abundant and persistent crown. On the nose, the smell is ample and embraces nuances of sweet and slightly ripe fruit with subtle hints of vegetables and vanilla. In the mouth it is sapid and complete, fresh and vibrant with a return of the notes perceived on the nose. The finish is long, elegant and harmonious.

What do you pair it with?

You can drink it during an aperitivo/happy hour or during a nice meal. It pairs really good with sefood in my opinion. For example, a good spaghetti with lobster ( you can find my recipe here)  or with oysters!

A great way to drink this wine

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