“De Casoncello” 2018

In these days, Bergamo is the protagonist of a food event, three days from Friday to Sunday, all dedicated to the Casoncelli.

Casoncelli. Photo Credit: Bergamo Post

Casoncelli are a Northern-Italy typical fresh pasta. Made with a meat filling and their typical mezzaluna shape. This pasta dish and polenta are the most famous and cooked Bergamo’s recipes.

The origin of this recipe comes from the old name ‘casonsei’ that recalls a very little Italian calzone shape.

Casoncelli shape. Photo Credit: Bergamo Post

This recipe belongs to the cucina povera (peasant food) tradition of Italian cooking, which is based on simple, hardy ingredients that were cheap, widely available and easy to prepare. There might be a single type of meat or a mixture of meat (ground beef, pork, veal, sausage, or salami) and then a combination of other ingredients may be added, such as cheese, spinach, raisins, amaretti cookies, pear, or garlic.  The pasta shape is made by folding a sheet of pasta over the filling and pressing it together at the edges, similar to a ravioli.

Casoncelli, ingredients. Photo Credit: Bergamo Post

I walked in the old streets of Città Alta, the upper town, to discover more about this festival and show you through pictures what it is all about.

de casoncello 2018-3
Città Alta

Most of the restaurants offered “street casoncelli”: along the street, there were different food installments to serve, till availability, portions of casoncelli at 5€.

La Dispensa Di Arlecchino

Al Donizetti

Da Mimmo

Agnello D’oro

If you have never tried casoncelli before, I highly recomend them when you visit Bergamo. It’s part of the culinary experience this beautiful town has to offer!

de casoncello

De Casoncello – 2018 Edition
Friday 11/05/18 to Sunday 13/05/18


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