The Italian BBQ

Summer is synonym of BBQ or vice versa? Regardeless of what comes first, before leaving to the USA, I had an enjoyble family bbq in Bergamo.

It became almost a tradition, we gather all together, everyone brings something. Some people we’ll take care of the meat, other we’ll think about salad, dessert etc. Let’s say, everyone does something!

While we wait for the grill to be sufficiently hot, we start with a little aperitivo and we open a bottle of wine. A good chat and laughters follow. It’s such a good atmosphere!

Whenever it is, in the garden, outside the balcony or in a open space on summer it’s one of the best ways to enjoy good weather with friends. If you’re a lot of people, you don’t have to worry. Everyone gets to do something, in this way it will be much easier. Do you like bbq? How do you organise on a typical day? 🍖🙌🏼


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