Through my eyes: New York – There’s more to see

New York is massive and there’s always so much to do and to see! Last week, I barely scratched the surface by talking about Times Square ( you can find my previous post by clicking here).

View from Central Park

If you, like me, are overwhelmed by the amount of people in Times Square and want to find a way out, the best thing to do is checking out Central Park, one of the world’s largest and most popular urban oases that draws millions of visitors each year.

Since the park is so large, it can be reached in many ways! ( From Times Square it takes about 15/20 minutes walking ). I advise you to use the official interactive map by The Central Park Conservancy to find your most convenient option.

It’s perfect for visiting year round, and tons of activities are going on in every season. Ice skate in the Winter, wander during the Summer, and visit the Zoo and enjoy a stroll any time of year.

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace

Don’t miss out the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace



This architectural beauty is a must see! Not only is this the most filmed and photographed area in Central Park, there is just something magical about this space.

Central Park is home to an important collection of more than 50 sculptures and monuments, with many of them commemorating famous figures or historical events. Balto, the Siberian Husky sled dog standing nobly on a rock outcropping, is one of those.



The statue is located west of East Drive and 67th Street and north of the Zoo.

Let’s not forget about the Alice in Wonderland located just north of the Conservatory Water at East 74th Street. The attraction stands eleven feet tall in bronze, surrounded by the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and a few of her other friends.

Alice in Wonderland

Of course, if you want to visit the whole Park, you will need more than just a couple of hours. There’s always a chance to go for a run or rent a bike to discover more!



We had a little rest and relaxing getaway before rushing again into the busy NYC.

The Statue of Liberty is another classic and a symbol of the American Dream so many enjoy after arriving in this city.


There are different ways for seeing The Statue of Liberty such as The Statue Cruises to Liberty Island, Battery (subway to South Ferry or Bowling Green) and Lower Mahattan, Brooklyn Bridge and last, but not least, The Staten Island Ferry.

Nina, her mum and I picked the last option because it’s free and offers a spectacular view as much ( or even more ) as its competitors.


The Staten Island Ferry leaves from the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan.




The trip from Manhattan to Staten Island takes about 30 minutes. You don’t need to present any card to enter the station or Ferry. What I recommend is that, as soon as the gate opens, you head to the outside area to be able to enjoy the view. Do not get frustrated if you can not get a good spot – remember that there is also the return trip!

The moment you’ll get closer and closer to the Statue of Liberty, you will find the most attention-demanding woman you will probably encounter in your life. The Statue of Liberty is absolutely massive, but there’s a calmness about her that permeates undisturbed.

Back in Manhattan, walk through the Wall Street area, home of the colonial-era Fraunces Tavern and mid-19th-century Trinity Church.



During our 6 days in New York, we walked all the way to Grand Central Terminal along East 42nd St. For people who enjoy walking like myself, the walk didn’t feel that far, it was actually interesting stopping along the way to take pictures, checking out shops or Christmas markets.


The Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal is something I’ve seen over and over in movies and tv series. Seeing it in person feels super surreal!



So happy my friend @itslexamichelle came to New York and spent a day with us! We meet up in Times Square, had a great mexican lunch with margaritas before a Broadway show and we checked out The Grand Central Station and The New York Public Library.


The iconic four-sided clock in the middle of the floor is about the only immobile thing amongst the throng of bustling people. Everybody’s hurrying to get to a platform and navigate this vast terminal.


Looking up towards the world-famous Grand Central Terminal ceiling was like looking up at a blue-green Greek sky. Constellations of the Zodiac from October to March are outlined in gold leaf alongside the Milky Way that stretches from southwest to northeast.


Book lovers will find a new magical world to The New York Public Library.


We decided to squeeze in a brief visit to the New York Public Library since it was just a few blocks away from Grand Central Terminal, which was our first stop. The Main Building of the New York Public Library system is actually called the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. It was named after the man who donated $100 Million for the renovation of the library! Wow.

Heading inside, I was immediately in awe of the library’s massiveness thanks to the high ceilings. We ascended the stairs to the second floor. I loved walking up those spacious marble steps.


Heading inside, I was immediately in awe of the library’s massiveness thanks to the high ceilings. We ascended the stairs to the second floor. I loved walking up those spacious marble steps.


The upper floor was even more attention-grabbing. The McGraw Rotunda greets you with a beautiful ornate ceiling highlighted by an incredible painting– Edward Laning’s ‘Prometheus Bringing the Gift of Fire’. According to Greek mythology, this fire symbolizes the human spark of knowledge. Appropriate isn’t it?



There are different restaurants for lunch and dinner in the area. However, if you’re grabbing lunch or a snack I suggest you to go to the Christmas markets during that time of the year.



You will find not only food but also little clothing shops and homemade presents/ gifts for family and friends! I gave one to my friend @francesca_gerosa



New York made us walk a lot, everyday but we got to see so much! It’s amazing how much this City has to offer!

Check out the other series of my NYC trip!

Have you ever been to New York? What’s your favorite destination? Let me know in the comments below!

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