Max Brenner: Chocolate Bar & Restaurant

Restaurant, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Shop, Chocolate Heaven… Call as you want it.  When stepping into Max Brenner, it becomes immediately obvious that chocolate is religion at this establishment. Great vats of melted chocolate churn away near the entrance, while the Chocolate Shop bursts with rows of pralines, and giant chocolate slabs decorate the walls.

Originated in Israel, and nowadays spread around the world (50 locations, 6 countries), Max Brenner was created by Max Fichtman and Ode Brenner in 1996 – life is sweeter since then.

max brenner nyc

Chocoholics won’t be disappointed by the offering available at this dessert bar, and can delight in the fact that practically everything comes with a drizzle of silky smooth chocolate. Indulge in Max’s signature soufflé, which oozes with melted chocolate the second you dig into it, or share the good vibes with a chocolate pizza topped with toasted marshmallow and caramelised nuts.

Hot chocolate is also taken seriously here, served in their specially designed Hug Mug for the ultimate chocolate drinking experience.

The ambience

Pleasant ambiance, decorated with all-things-chocolate, they even have big tubes on the ceiling filled with chocolate – Yes, plumbing for chocolate. Besides the restaurant and the bar, there’s also a chocolate shop full of delights, several options for beautiful gifts.

max brenner

The menu

The menu is big enough to pop up many doubts in your head, very complete and full of interesting options. The star of the place is the chocolate, but they also serve salty dishes – burgers, crepes, pasta, salads and others – for those that are not chocolate fans (does this kind of people really exist?!). Everything seems to be delicious, especially when you start to analyze the food on the tables around you. Get ready to receive a to-pretty-to-eat dish; they are all well served and well presented.

During our trip to NYC, we couldn’t miss out Max Brenner. Nina, her mum and I shared a “Sharing Fondue”. It was a perfect sampling of their signature desserts.

max brenner-2
Sharing Fondue
Served with your choice of two chocolates (milk, dark, white)
max brenner_
chocolate cheesecake crepe snd waffle with strawberries and whipped cream
max brenner_-4
milk, white chocolate
barks and chocolate sponge cake

All of it was served with marshmallows and straswberries to dip in chocolate ( you get to choose between white, dark and milk chocolate).


“We don’t invent anything in chocolate. It all exists in people’s mind and hearts. We just express it in the most evident way – a way that everyone imagines chocolate and wishes to experience it. Untill now, chocolate was sold in a manner highly contradicting its sensual, warm and joyful character. Restrained ambience. Untouchable. Close behind a glass barrier. We have “freed chocolate from it’s cage. We lt people experience to the fullest.” – Max Brenner.

max brenner-3
Iconic Chocolate Martini

Last but not least,  the Iconic Chocolate Martini: créme de cocoa, vanilla vodka, milk & white chocolate , garnished with a chocolate & hazelnut dipped strawberry. It was delish!

I can’t guarantee the whole menu is amazing, but what I tasted so far, I recommend!

The best time to go

It’s good for breakfast, lunch, afternoon “snack” and dinner. Meaning: There is no bad time to go there. It’s much easier to get a table during the weekdays (especially at the beginning of the week), and you can have the place more to yourself.  The restaurant gets super crowded on the weekends; get ready to wait in line if you don’t have a reservation – which can be made on the official website.

max brenner_-5

max brenner_-5

Max Brenner is a spot that every chocolate addicted should visit at some point when in New York City! The catchphrase “Chocolate is good for you,” pretty much sums up the main idea of the place.

Check out the other series of my NYC trip!

Have you ever been to New York? What’s your favorite destination? Let me know in the comments below!

Max Brenner |New York location
Max Brenner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
841 Broadway New York

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